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  1. Gaddaffi has flunked so hard with his attempts to create an Arabian super-nation, he never really has had a comeback from that. For example I understand that his relationship with Saudi Arabia is icy. But the most damning example I recall is the support that the Arab League gave last weekend to a no-fly zone above Lybia - against one of their own members!

  2. Despite deadly police action, in Yemen and Bahrain the leaders haven't begun bombarding their own citizens.

  3. I don't risk my neck to speculation any more...

  4. I didn't read that anywhere. Where did you see that? The past week he's been accusing the opposition movement of being in league with Al Qaeda, so it strikes me as odd he's now talking about becoming anally of Al Quaeda. But well, odd and Gaddaffi go hand in hand. My short answer: aAnything out of Gaddaffi's mouth is hard to be taken  serious.
by Nomad on Fri Mar 18th, 2011 at 09:59:52 AM EST
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