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Radiation visualizations paint a different picture of Japan - O'Reilly Radar

This piece was originally posted on The Daily ACK.

Over the weekend I came across some data on levels of radiation in Japan collected by the Japanese government, and helpfully translated into English by volunteers.

The data was somewhat stuck in PDF format. However, Gemma Hobson, Pete Warden, and I transcribed, mostly by hand, some of the more helpfully formatted files into CSV format (16KB) making it acceptable for Pete's OpenHeatMap service. The map embedded below shows our first results.

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5 radioactive materials detected

Tokyo Electric Power Company says some of the nuclear fuel at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has apparently been damaged, as higher levels of radioactive materials have been detected in the vicinity.

The utility on Monday released the results of a radiation survey carried out at the plant on Saturday.

Officials detected in the air 5 radioactive materials that are generated by nuclear fission.

The level of iodine 131 was 5.9 milibecquerels per cubic centimeter. That's about 6 times the permissible level for workers without protective masks.

The density of the other substances was also higher than usual, but within safety standards.

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