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High-level radiation in trench water may have come from reactor core | Kyodo News

The electric power company, known as TEPCO, said the high radiation level in water in the trench connected to the No. 2 complex was detected Sunday, adding the radiation level in the air of the trench stood at 100 to 300 millisieverts.

TEPCO also found a trench connected to the No. 1 reactor building was filled with radioactive water on Sunday afternoon.

The radiation level at the surface of the trench water adjacent to the No. 1 complex was 0.4 millisievert per hour but the level could not be measured at the gutter linked to the No. 3 unit as rubble prevented the firm from checking it, the company added.

Although it remains unknown whether the contaminated water has flowed into the sea from the trenches that are 55 to 70 meters away from the shore, TEPCO suspects the high concentration of radioactive substances found in seawater near the plant reactors' drainage outlets may be linked to the trench water.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
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