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The one thing that was really new to me was this:

Some regulatory officials are so apathetic that they don't even react when a plant's operator proposes fixing an urgent safety problem. For example, in a letter dated Sept. 5, 2007, the energy provider EnBW applied for permission to construct new buildings for backup generators and install a so-called emergency boration system, which provides a tool that was used last week to fight the impending meltdown in Fukushima.

The officials still haven't responded to the EnBW letter. Oskar Grözinger, the head of the state regulatory agency, now says that the cost of the new buildings would be out of proportion with the remaining life of the plant -- as if he were the electric utility's chief accountant.

However, the level of 'debate' I am referring to is the more popular "Plants are unsafe against airplanes!" vs. "What unrealistic danger, you scaremongers!" or the "Plants are unsafe against earthquakes!" vs. "No, we fulfil going rules!" soundbite level of debate that's re-hashed countless times.

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