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Yes. But I think one can be against any expansion (rather be for reduction) of nuclear power, in favour of energy demand destruction and renewables, and rate coal as the worst possible electricity generation source. The problem is that's a very theoretical point of view. I see no sign our governments intend to give up on nukes (and I include Germany).

Seen this evening on FR TV, the Environment Minister Kosciusko-Morizet in "sincere dialogue" with a Green-type person, stressing the talking point that we should decide nothing in the heat of a crisis (whether she supported Sarko's bomb Gaddafi "crusade" decision in the heat of a crisis wasn't asked). This is the polite version of the immediate reaction of the heavies (Claude Allègre for example) who ran out ten days ago to yell it was "indecent" to want to discuss nuclear energy while the poor Japanese people were suffering. The problem there being that when there isn't a crisis the media don't cover the non-event and those in power go ahead with nuclear plans in hush-hush while no one but the crazies are trying to talk about it.

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