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The ambivalence of those decisions is apparent as much as the outcome is not. I remember seeing S. Power appear in "No End in Sight" being in favor of 'intervention' in Iraq or at least going all the way during the first Iraq war. Fortunately the interventionists have dialed back their ambitions from a full-out serial dictator removal program downwards to a genocide intervention or revolution assistance program. But that could backfire as well.

I think humanitarian values have over time been co-opted to support the status quo or purposes which in fact are imperial. The entry point is the fear of genocide - the thread that pulls the rope behind it. In the long term Western powers won't have the resources to keep doing 'nation building', 'stabilization missions' etc. As if they didn't have enough problems of their own to chew at. Failed states will be the norm, and what do you do if the Maghreb, Sahel, or Sub-Saharan Africa start losing it. Then there is the Middle East, South Asia, and South/Central America.

That will end the age of large scale interventions. Hopefully Libya will stay a deluxe mini mission. And afterwards the Europeans should think very long and hard how their security policy will look like when they can't whip out the guns at every turn.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Tue Mar 29th, 2011 at 01:59:56 PM EST
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