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U238 is radioactive--not safe at all to ingest despite its long half-life.

If you ingest enough U238 to raise your background dose by a tenth of a percent, then you have rather bigger and more immediate problems than radiation poisoning.

In addition to a host of exotic maladies,

For which there is little in the way of evidence that uranium exposure is a risk factor. In fact, for several of the more - ah - exotic maladies occasionally attributed to uranium exposure, there is no evidence that the disease exists.

DU is active essentially forever

But this is irrelevant, because it does not remain in the biological environment forever. Heavy metals don't work that way - if they did, we'd still be seeing low-level lead poisoning from pre-1980 lead pollution.

So far, the US doesn't, using DU only in lands where temporary resource extraction is the goal of the military action.

Since the US has only fought colonial wars since it began deploying DU rounds, this is not proof of any policy other than that of fighting colonial wars.

It is the prime suspect in Gulf War Syndrome

Well, no. GWS is almost certainly PTSD. PTSD is a real and serious condition, but it is not a reaction to chemical exposures.

Uranium exposure is linked to cancer and birth defects, but you are not doing your case any favours by inflating the threat with spurious health risks. Birth defects are quite serious enough.

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