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The Oil Drum | Fukushima Open Thread - Tue 3/29

Here is a fun one:
The image is too big, so here is the link:

Some kids wanted to see the arrival of the radioactive debris.
So they made a collector of the physics building air inlet!
The green line is the lead shielding all by itself: nothing.
The red line is the day before: March 16 2011: nothing.
Blue line is March 17 2011: Very nice, clear signal for Iodine 131.
This is a spectrogram of particle energies:
The vertical axis is how dense the signal was.
The horizontal axis is how energetic the particle was.
Different materials have different sets and amplitudes of peaks.

This is an exquisitely sensitive instrument.
It demonstrates the fact of the arrival of the debris.
The amount of debris is vanishingly small.

The experiment:

All things that radiate radiation radioactively:

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
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