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The leaked memo is here, however, it is more conclusions than details of the simulations, so I rather do a summary.

  • Two independent institutions did simulations, both on Konvoi-type reactors with 180 cm thick protection. One simulation tested three types of passenger jets (B-747, A-320, A-340-600) with various speeds and directions of impact, no such details for the other.
  • Both simulations showed that the Konvoi-type containment would crack but would not allow kerosene in, but the second simulation made an exception for an impact at the rim of the top and sides. Only impacts on the valve compartment would knock out the cooling system, and the control systems would be knocked out, especially of the emergency control room would be hit.
  • Both research groups said that based on these results, the containment of the plants older than the three of the Konvoi class can be assumed unfit to resist an impact even without detailed studies. (These reactors have no protection hull or concrete hulls of 40 to 120 cm thickness.)

The document makes the explicit conclusion that 'the retrofitting of the older reactor buildings is not possible resp. doesn't make sense from technical resp. economic considerations'. Instead they recommend counter-measures in the airplane cabins, and obstacles in the line of flight (concrete pillars).

Meanwhile, I also found a page on another study, the safety of spent fuel storage rooms. It found that one type, which has 1.2 m thick walls, would resist impact, but that of another type, with 70 or 85 cm thick walls and 55 cm thick roof, would not resist impact, however kerosene would supposedly flow out via channels.

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