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The Major Plant Parameters Table of the Status Report indicated that 1.5m to 2.25m of rods are exposed in each of reactors 1-3 and that the containment vessel of reactors 2 and 3 are at or near atmospheric pressure. This would be consistent with loss of containment vessel pressure. Unit 1 still has about 5 atmospheres of pressure while the readings for units 2 and 3 are confusing, as three of four readings show fractional atmospheric pressures, (with 100kPA being ~ 1 atmosphere.) Only reactor pressure vessel 1 has significant pressure above atmospheric or a reactor temperature close to design limit.

The supression pool in the torus appears to be intact on units 1 and 3 but there is no data on unit 2 where there were earlier reports of an explosion in the supression pool. The 46C reading for the temperature of the spent fuel pool in Unit 2 is consistent with other, earlier readings which are likely IR readings taken from helicopters or UAVs. The report only shows "indicator failure" for Units 1 & 3.

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