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(I can't stand it any longer. Here is a sketch of a solution.)

They need to design a rolling crane like device that can first clear away debris, then remove existing structure on the top level of the reactor buildings and then start plucking out fuel rod assemblies, placing them in water in a container of sufficient volume and heat capacity for brief transport. It would probably be a good idea to build two sets of cranes and four transit vehicles so they could start from each end.

Given the uncertain state of the rods, they need an assesment pool into which newly removed rods could be placed. Adequate heat extraction capability would obviously have to be built into the assessment pool. Intact rods could then be moved to the existing long term storage. That could be facilitated by removing rod assemblies that have been in long term spent fuel storage for a couple of years into dry casks. Last, a hot pool will be needed for dealing with pellets that have come out of their rods. It should be provided with a rack that will automatically separate pellets into non-critical masses by the surface structure of the rack while allowing water to circulate vertically.

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