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We have to remember that the Japanese did not develop this technology. That was done by the USA, in their case, by G.E. TEPCO may, effectively, have been riding on the technical prowess and prestige of the USA and G.E. ever since and have had a very false sense of security. Not only did G.E. provide the initial design, it was G.E. technology that formed the intital basis for the entire Japanese nuclear industry, to my knowledge. It was likely as a result of Japanese political considerations that G.E. formed subsidiaries with Hitachi, etc. to build nuclear power plants.

The relationship is likely as archetypal as Godzilla: we were the first to develop the technology; they were the first ones on whom we used it; we then massively intervened in their culture to re-order and realign loyalties; then, twenty years later, we encouraged G.E. to form a mutually profitable relationship with Japanese companies to apply that technology to power generation. That they would see the USA as the guarantors of the beneficence of that technology is somewhat natural. And have the Japanese been any more lax about nuclear safety than has the USA?

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