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It is evident that the upper levels (how deep?) of TEPCO's management structure are clueless.

That is my sense, and I have trouble understanding how, in a company that has relied on nuclear for so much of its baseload for forty years can have an upper management that is so clueless. It leads me to think that decapitation of TEPCO and assumption of the whole utility by the Japanese Government might be a good idea. Don't there have to be some competent individuals down at the plant level?

And it is obvious that Japan will have to continue to rely on nuclear for the next decade, at a minimum. So they must learn how better to respond to possible  future emergencies and to make appropriate preparations to harden their other facilities. Since so many facilities are near the sea, they need to be able to assure prompt resumption of back-up power after another "once in a century" earthquake/tsunami. Having generators and fuel on secure high ground and having pads, pylons, cables, fresh water, contaminated water storage capability, pipes, pumps, etc. available on or near the site should enable them to resume power within a day or two even with a tsunami such as they experienced.

Part of the problem may reside in the federal/provincial  structure of Japan. It seems that power provisions have been made on the provincial level, some having 50 Hz and others 60Hz power. This might be complicating a take-over by the central government. Japan had, essentially, a feudal political organization until the Meiji Reformation. While the feudal structure was replaced with a central state I do not know how the divisions between central and local government were carried out. I suppose, in some ways, the early zaibatsu could be seen as a modernization of feudal structures. How that played into federal/regional divisions I have no idea.

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