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Is the "safe level of radioactive iodine in water for infants" well-established?

Radioactive iodine exceeding limit for infants found in Tokyo water | Kyodo News

According to the metropolitan government, 210 becquerels of radioactive iodine were detected per 1 kilogram of water against the limit of 100 becquerels in a survey Tuesday at a water purification plant in the Kanamachi district of Katsushika Ward.

But the amount of the radioactive substance detected at the purification plant is lower than the 300-becquerel limit for people other than infants.

''The standards are set by considering damage to human health from intake over a long period of time. It is all right to drink the water if there is no substitute drinking water,'' a metropolitan government official said.

Are we going to write off the increased risk of thyroid cancer from radioactive water?

If substantial drinking water supplies in Japan become off-limits and nobody drinks them (substituting bottled water), does it mean the accident had no effects because nobody got cancer from drinking the water?

So, in what may be my last act of "advising", I'll advise you to cut the jargon. -- My old PhD advisor, to me, 26/2/11

by Carrie (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Tue Mar 29th, 2011 at 08:48:14 AM EST
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