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They have been pumping seawater into the reactors

Actually they switched to sweetwater a few days ago.

and, I presume, the spent fuel storage pools

No, only the reactors. They used special fire trucks to pump water into the spent fuel pools.

One of the reactors is cracked, therefore leaking

Tow of the containments are cracked, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there is a leak, because some reactors had water only in the pressure vessel (which is another level inside the containment).

Fuel rods are partially melted in some (all?) of the reactors

Meltdown in reactor cores happened when the reactor's last backup cooling system failed and before the improvised seawater pumping started up, so meltdown can presumably be put in past tense. But the rest of the conclusion is true in all cases.

circulation would be sufficient to dissipate the heat

Dissipate where?

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