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Freshwater into No. 1, start of pump:

TEPCO : Press Release | Status of TEPCO's Facilities and its services after the Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake (as of 4:00PM)

-At approximately 2:30 am, March 23rd, we started the injection of sea
 water into the reactor from feed water system. After that, the injection
 of freshwater was started from 3:37 pm on March 25th (switched from the
 seawater injection). At 8:32 am, Mar 29th, transfer from the fire
 fighting pump to a temporary motor driven pump was made.

No. 2:

-From 10:10 am on March 26th, freshwater (with boric acid) injection was
 initiated. (switched from the seawater injection) At 06:31pm, Mar 27th,
 transfer from the fire fighting pump to a temporary motor driven pump was

No. 3:

-From 6:02 pm on March 25th, the injection of freshwater to the reactor
 was started (switched from the seawater injection). At 8:30 pm on March
 28th, the injection of fresh water is switched to temporary electricity
 pumps from the fire engine pumps.
-At approximately 12:34pm March 27th , the injection of water by the
 concrete pump truck was started. At approximately 2:36 pm, March 27th,
 the operation was finished.
-At approximately 2:17pm March 29th, the injection of fresh water by the
 concrete pump truck was started. (Sea water had been injected so far and
 transfer from seawater to freshwater was made)

(They don't say but the concrete pump truck relates to the spent fuel pool)

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