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A little high-level summary of knowns, unknowns and speculation from someone who hasn't been following all that closely, please complete/correct :

  • They have been pumping seawater into the reactors (and, I presume, the spent fuel storage pools) and need to continue to do so in order to prevent overheating
  • Is the topping-up required because of evaporation (boiling?) or because of leaks? Or both? In what proportion?
  • Are they still hosing the reactors and/or reactor buildings externally too? Is this necessary for heat dissipation too?
  • One of the reactors is cracked, therefore leaking
  • Others may be leaking from cracked pipes or burnt-out gaskets
  • Fuel rods are partially melted in some (all?) of the reactors, therefore the entire generation/cooling circuit contains fission products which would normally be confined inside the fuel rods themselves, and are now able to reach the outside world insofar as these circuits are leaking
  • I have no idea if there are any pumps currently working on any of the cooling systems : if they were, then surely they would not need to continue adding water, as circulation would be sufficient to dissipate the heat (unless the topping up is required because of leaks...
  • Perhaps they are afraid to run the pumps for fear of exacerbating leaks, or causing new ones?
  • They need to evacuate the contaminated water somehow, they have been sandbagging figuratively, and now literally
  • Prediction : they will announce barges within the next 12 hours (since this was first suggested on ET, what, 12 hours ago?)

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by eurogreen on Tue Mar 29th, 2011 at 05:53:32 AM EST

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