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Do not attempt to discuss with me the precise radiological likelihood of there being P239 there (which is slight). I am only posting a very cool photo. (This is not photoshop, this is a photo some aliens from the future took after they picked the Giza containment vessels and dropped them in Japan. Where they said, "Enough is enough with your civilization.")

I am sick and tired of graphs and data. I am sick and tired of arguments and facts. Mother Mary knows we've developed science to such high precision, and my windmills wouldn't have evolved without it.

But enough decision-making without real vision.

My wish for humanity? If you're so into logic and science, get with the program.

(ET moderation: in the interests of credibility, we have excised most of this comment, but because we thought the photo was cool, we let some sentences pass. We at ET are not responsible for the ravings of a madman.)

PS. Dear ET, while i respect your moderation, you should not have edited the comment. Eye mean, you left out the whole part about why the aliens decided to act as saviors of this wretched, forge-based civilization in the first place. Didn't you think the part about the aliens being jealous of YouTube democracy was contrapunctally contrite and to the punt?

But i won't quibble, nor schwank. After all, we've all seen the drone photos of where we are now.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Ana´s Nin

by Crazy Horse on Fri Apr 1st, 2011 at 05:44:10 PM EST

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