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The best parts of the takedown are:

Joe Giambrone: The UN Would Never Lie to George Monbiot

The U.N./IAEA does concede (unlike George Monbiot) that their numbers are not definitive, and that the true death toll cannot be known very accurately, particularly with the methodology they chose to employ:
"It is impossible to assess reliably, with any precision, numbers of fatal cancers caused by radiation exposure due to Chernobyl accident."
(IAEA, p.7)

George Monbiot instead tells the world that this study produced the "official death toll from Chernobyl in 25 years."

Then there is
The actual study also left room for the tally to grow, without directly admitting that it was surely much higher:
"The international expert group predicts that among the 600 000 persons receiving more significant exposures... the possible increase in cancer mortality due to this radiation exposure might be up to a few per cent."
(IAEA, p.15)
Now "a few percent" of 600,000 people is a few multiples of 6,000 people (!). Large enough to dwarf the 43 deaths which I presume are limited to those due to acute radiation poisoning at the time of the accident and in its immediate aftermath. Or are they talking about "a fdew per cent" increase in the number of cancer deaths (a rather smaller number).
The "few per cent" are not included in what George Monbiot calls the "official death toll." Neither were the tens of thousands of stillbirths. And there is yet much dispute over spikes in nearly every type of cancer in those regions after 1986.
"Some radiation-induced increases in fatal leukaemia, solid cancers and circulatory system diseases have been reported in Russian emergency and recovery operation workers."
(IAEA, p.16)

Again, not reflected in Mr. Monbiot's magical "official" toll of "43."

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Let me pitch Chernobyl's Downplayed Victims again: the numbers game is discussed in detail, including both the nuances and shortcomings of the Chernobyl Forum report.

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