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Let's deconstruct this example: Polonium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alpha particles emitted by polonium will damage organic tissue easily if polonium is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed, although they do not penetrate the epidermis and hence are not hazardous if the polonium is outside the body. [edit] Acute effects

The median lethal dose (LD50) for acute radiation exposure is generally about 4.5 Sv.[36] The committed effective dose equivalent 210Po is 0.51 µSv/Bq if ingested, and 2.5 µSv/Bq if inhaled.

So, are we to understand that the effective dose for Polonium-210 is
  • 0 (negligible) if outside the body
  • 0.51 µSv/Bq if ingested
  • 2.5 µSv/Bq if inhaled

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