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The greater weight assigned to alpha emissions is justified by the fact that alpha particles are really, really messy - they have both higher charge and higher momentum than beta, by a couple of orders of magnitude.

I don't know how the dose weighing by body part is done, but if I were doing it I would base it partly on the sensitivity of the tissue type hit, partly on how much I'd like to keep the organ in question and partly on how much any future kids would like me to keep the organ in question (so reproductive organs would get a comparatively higher weight due to the risk of germ line mutations).

External sources would be expected to hit salvage workers equally, while inhaled and ingested pollution hits your stomach, gut, lungs and chest first, then probably your liver and kidneys.

As an aside, I would not find "one extra CT scan a day" at all reassuring. CT scans are not harmless - they're just a lot less harmful than the stuff they are used to find.

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