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Sven Triloqvist:

the growing awareness that everything is connected to everything else. It is getting harder and harder to do 'single issue'.

I don't know how we will handle this problem. It is cropping up for me quite regularly now.

there are so many 'single issues' vying for prioritisation, though right now the global reality of 400+ potential fukushimas all depending on us keeping them chilled for millenia in a post fossil fuel, diminishing water reality is focussing a lot of minds, ditto exporting 'democracy *beta' to the oppressed (by 'our guys' bastards).

trying to keep two eyes on many balls in the air at once.

it's like in one's personal life, there's so much to do, each thing important, but none makes sense without the context of the others. if one gets too far ahead of the others, the kilter goes out.

the earth, our relationship to it, whether we use our knowledge to further befriend it, or to use it as a cheap goods depo/waste dump, how can anything trump that? without that we are a million more times more fucked than if the banks fail, or oil runs out and we have to remember how to stretch a bit more without some of the conveniences we have become used to.
the sins of the fathers... we have inherited the work of mad ancestors, as well as the genius.

to preserve the way of life of a privileged few we've hocked the future, gambled ecological balance for quick returns, and now we're up shit creek.

the are so many ways to be useful, so many examples to follow and reset. no need for many more new dots, more the need to connect the ones we have.

the privilege of living on this beautiful planet has a high price of knowledge to make it sustainable, today you may write something insightful, tonight you may dance, tomorrow you're studying your local watershed.

the only danger is the dilution of diffusion, becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of problems till you worry all the time and your spark feels too damped down to fire.

some will run with one issue, some (like most here) take a more polymath approach, so not to go so far out on one branch that they can't see the trunk any more.

humanity is like a diseased tree, still producing fresh, healthy growth, but with a blight eating away at its core.

some branches won't last long, others will. the game as i see it is to choose between them.

thanks to the discourse here, prioritisation becomes easier, if never easy.

managed decline never is, i guess.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Tue Apr 5th, 2011 at 08:55:30 AM EST
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