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The 3rd article I listed already mentions meltdowns at the No 1 reactor.

My last link is the video of Prof. Christopher Busby. He is active with interviews these days. In the following clip (watch from 2:20) he envisions three scenarios, two of them very bad, and the most likely is one of those. That likely scenario: the radiation at the plant gets so high that work is abandoned (and the work is already desperate nonsense), leaving a China syndrome meltdown (without Hollywood actors to save us) and the stuff would just (mainly) poison the northern half of Japan. But more terribly, MOX plutonium may cause a critical reaction - and that would be an unimaginable problem for the whole globe. And the milder scenario is that they manage to pour water forever.

by das monde on Thu Mar 31st, 2011 at 05:18:13 AM EST
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