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 The Oil Drum - Fukushima Dai-ichi status and prognosis

NHK Just broadcast an interview with a TEPCO worker at the plant. He says that TEPCO is not providing individual dosimeters to all workers. TEPCO admitted this was the case but said that they only sent in workers to low radiation dose areas without individual dosimetsrs. The worker said he would only reliably know what dose he was receiving if he was close to others with dosimeters.

TEPCO also said that they didn't have enough for everyone as many at the plant were destroyed by the explosions. That doesn't sound like a valid excuse.


No, that excuse doesn't hold water at all. There aren't spare dosimeters at other reactor sites? The JSDF doesn't have any? They can't ask the US for some?

There were reports back when the firefighters first entered the plant that the chief in charge told the others to ignore their dosimeters, or they wouldn't get anything done. He stayed with his men the whole time and monitored his dosimeter, rotating the crew in and out of the hottest areas, and picked up a year's worth of radiation himself. If the firefighters had them, why doesn't TEPCO have extras?

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