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Study: Wind can generate power on par with nuclear plants  Asahi Shimbun

Wind power can generate electricity up to that produced by 40 nuclear reactors, the Environment Ministry said April 21. The ministry calculated the amount of electricity that can be produced using natural energy sources in Japan. The result: Wind theoretically shows a significantly greater likelihood of generating power across the country compared with other natural energy sources.

The results show that even on the assumption that windmills are not continuously operational, they still have the capacity to produce electric energy equivalent to that generated by 40 nuclear reactors. Japan has 54 commercial reactors, generating nearly 30 percent of the country's electricity output.

In the disaster-stricken Tohoku region, where wind is generally strong, it is estimated that wind power could produce the same amount of electricity as that generated by three to 11 nuclear reactors, according to the ministry. The ministry plans to propose the introduction of wind power generation and other natural energy source power generation as part of its rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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