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Two things become apparent from this:

1.) TEPCO sought to respond with its own assets -- regardless of the consequences. The reactor cores had likely already suffered serious damage while they were failing to bring in power trucks from other areas and failing to be able to connect them to the load. Promptly air-lifting in package 500 or 800Kw generators with sufficient cable to reach the reactors from high ground generator sites could well have averted much of this damage. Power was only restored when TEPCO repaired grid distribution sufficiently to bring in grid power and only then did they appear to start work on distributing that power to all reactors.

2.) No drills had ever been conducted to test the feasibility of bringing in such power trucks or the connection problems would have been identified and remedied. This was likely compounded by insistence on self-reliance and unwillingness to admit lack of preparation, as it is hard to imagine that cables and connectors were not available anywhere in Japan to be delivered by helicopter upon request to the Japanese SDF.

TEPCO seems in need of a face transplant.

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