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That TEPCO sought to respond with its own assets is my surmise based on events as reported. Rejecting offered assets is not the only possible failing. Do you see any evidence that they asked for such assets? I find it hard to believe that they would be refused, given the circumstances.

I find it stunning that, even when the first power truck arrived and was unable to be used effectively, that they did not convene a strategy session with the Japanese government to see what COULD be done immediately. As you note, they had a few days before the steam driven pumps failed, but they could have used local power during that time to great advantage, even if just to restore instruments.

With the human resources they had available, both from TEPCO and from their sub-contractors, and with the time they had until the steam driven pumps failed, given the urgency and the consequences, I find it hard to understand why many preparations were not done in parallel, such as routing cables from the grid connection point to each reactor connection point while the line was being repaired. Meanwhile, portable generators and switch gear could be located adjacent to reactors or at the grid connection point. It might have been possible to save some of the primary cooling systems were power available earlier, but we may never be certain now.

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