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It's just that that's not the financial regulator's job.

If not it is because they work for the looters, not the public. The Fed is the most powerful regulator in the US financial system and it has something called Open Market Operations. So do other central banks. We have discussed here on ET possible scenarios whereby central banks could have burned speculators in vulnerable countries bond debt.

But it seems the most basic reason they will not do this is not one of feasibility, but one of where the loyalties lie. In the case of the Fed, it should be taken down, Fed chairmen, past and present, should be prosecuted and the various "cash for trash" repos should be handed back to those from who they came for whatever assets those institutions possess. There would be pain, but there would then be the possibility of healing. All there is now is the likelihood of the host society being killed by the parasitical financial sector.

There is no justification for the continued existence of the Fed in its current form. The con must end and the sooner the better.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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