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Railway Gazette: DB Regio orders multi-engine Traxx diesel locomotives
GERMANY: DB Regio has awarded Bombardier Transportation a framework contract for the supply of up to 200 Traxx DE Multi-Engine locomotives, which will have four small diesel engines in place of one large prime mover.

...It expects the use of multiple engines to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions thanks to the ability to shut down engines during idling and at times of low power demand.

This is an interesting development. Such a fuel-efficient operation of multiple diesel traction engines was pioneered in diesel multiple units (DMUs) (AFAIK first applied in Siemens-supplied units in Britain). When you cram four engines into a diesel loco, the question is whether that works with high reliability and low maintenance costs. But the continuous development of diesel "power packs" for DMUs in recent years was just in that direction.

For background on the TRAXX (and other) modular loco families, see From Universal to Modular (2/2) and Diesel heavy haul across Europe. For a background on recent developments in multiple units, see From byproducts to variable stars: local multiple units

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