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[If someone who can read Greek could dig up some import and export data, it would help to qualify this discussion.]

I do not read Greek, but there is some data floating around in english.

Greek GDP:
CIA - The World Factbook

$302 billion (2010 est.)

EU's contribution:
CIA - The World Factbook

Greece is a major beneficiary of EU aid, equal to about 3.3% of annual GDP

CIA - The World Factbook

$21.14 billion (2010 est.)
 $21.34 billion (2009 est.)

 Exports - commodities
food and beverages, manufactured goods, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles

CIA - The World Factbook

$44.9 billion (2010 est.)
$64.2 billion (2009 est.)

 Imports - commodities
 machinery, transport equipment, fuels, chemicals

And an old data point that might still be relevant:

Greece is the Third Biggest Arms Importer

Biggest Importers (Million $)

India 2,400
China 2,300
Greece 1,434

With a 20 billion trade deficit, cutting 1,5 is not the final solution, but it is a start. And considering how intertvined high politics and weapons sales are, a start that would be felt in the right circles.

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