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Government compiles timetable for dealing with Fukushima accident, evacuees Asahi

The government is compiling a schedule of measures to deal with the accident at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to provide evacuees as well as the international community a better idea of what to expect.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan is scheduled to attend the Group of Eight summit later this month and is expected to explain what the government is planning to do to stabilize the situation at the Fukushima plant, as well as in rebuilding areas struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Sources said the timetable will be formally approved and announced May 17, in line with what is expected to be a revision of a work schedule by Tokyo Electric Power Co., the Fukushima plant operator, for how it plans to stabilize the situation.

TEPCO first announced the work schedule April 17, and had planned to revise it after about a month. Recent measurements at the No. 1 reactor indicating that large amounts of water are leaking from the containment vessel is but one factor that is forcing TEPCO to vastly revise its work schedule.

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