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That's actually my point.  

Next time you're in Madrid I'll take you on a tour of plots to be developed that remain undeveloped (they have all the utilities and street lighting, the sidewalks are paved, but no construction ever started on the houses), half-finished apartment buildings, empty subdivisions that were never occupied or sold.

Show me one place in Madrid where there used to be a thriving neighborhood, with industry and local businesses, that now has abandoned homes, others demolished, and the few holdouts selling for less than you can buy a car for.

What you're talking about is overbuilding.  What I'm talking about is a situation where an existing community is in the process of disappearing.  

I know that there are a number of places in Europe where there are the same pressures, but (for the moment) there's a  social safety net in place, so it's a different beast.

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