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The election was a local election, not a general election. The  PSOE took a disproportionate hit that people are directly blaming ZP for. Everything else is as expected. The protests had been there for less than a week and they don't quite know what they want to achieve.

I haven't seen opinion polls about the protesters - but even people who would vote a straight PSOE ticket even in these circumstances approved of them. As an anecdote, people celebrating the PP victory by the party headquarters in Madrid were both chanting against the protesters and against Bildu. Also, the extreme right wing of the PP party, or at least Madrid regional president Esperanza Aguirre, was extremely bothered by the protests and though they were a PSOE operation against them. The more moderate wing though it was just an issue internal to the left, and they were probably right.

The PP actually lost 50k votes in the Madrid municipal elections:

(That's regional level - in the city itself it was worse - they lost 120 thousand votes, the same amount the PSOE lost, and the same amount UPyD got. IU increased their share by 30k votes)

The PP also lost votes in the regional election in Madrid:

Where are you getting the 55% figure? That's form last time around.

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