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  This is classic-- when all the facts are against a self-interested view, then the PR pitch must in essence be that "the other guys" are slobs and they stink, too.

  How, you might wonder, could such a crass approach "work"?  Well, at least part of the answer lies in the fact that our times are characterized in a very important way be the never-far-from-consciousness assumption that affective qualities--even when unfairly alleged as deficient--are what counts most.

   This is the "style-over-substance" tendency which a people-ized consumer-and-mass-media-driven society makes paramount.

   DSK, for example, dresses well, has lots of friends in high places and 'moves in the right circles,' and has, of course, lots of money.  It's these, then, and not his real personal attributes which count when it comes to forming an opinion of him.  He "looks good", ergo he must be "good".

   Us?  We're "whiners".  That's a really terrible thing to be, never mind if in fact, the whiners' complaints are completely well-founded.

"In such an environment it is not surprising that the ills of technology should seem curable only through the application of more technology..." John W Aldridge

by proximity1 on Thu May 26th, 2011 at 10:01:06 AM EST

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