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There seems to be a movement of Socialist MPs who have demanded "explanations" from the government in order to vote for the destruction that they are presenting. As we speak the presence of over 100.000 people daily in the squares of major Greek cities creates huge pressure.

So does the fact that it seems that no member of parliament can survive a stroll or a night out unharmed:

The day before yesterday, a small part of the Syntagma crowd jeered and gestured the MPs Mercedes and blocked MPs from leaving the government building, forcing them to leave through the "back door" practically. Yesterday a delegation of MPs and EuroMps were hunted in Corfu by a crowd that learned of their presence and were forced to flee the marina they were dining in, in a fishing boat. The Minister of health was booed and had things thrown at him in Iraklion. Today the Government spokesman was protected by a full squadron of police officers, as an instant mob gathered the moment he was recognized in Argyroupoli, a middle class suburb of Athens (they tend to not stray into working class suburbs at all) and stones, yogurt and other items were thrown at him.

Sunday the two largest TV channels f/b fan pages were clobbered and one was pulled down by an attack of pointed and enraged comments at their not showing the huge demo except for 30 seconds and underestimating the numbers of the crowd. The media are in a continuous disapproval or paternalizing mode but they are finding that people just tune out.

Things are ..."developing" rapidly. By the time the government is ready to pass its colonial agreement, it might not have a majority in parliament... We shall see...

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by talos (mihalis at gmail dot com) on Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 at 10:13:30 PM EST
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