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  So, though you don't seem to want to admit it, apparently the upshot of your comments is, we're going to see the European Union reduced to what you call "its core"-- and that this will in effect resemble what was once the case, the power-center, Germany, with one to three others big enough to hold their own, playing along in a situation where Germany's economic predominance effectively sets the terms.  The rest may watch.

   Why then were these others "allowed in" in the first place?  It seems it served "someone's" interests to do that.

   So, as I see it, we have a 'family':  Mom or Dad (or both) are drunks.  But, it's imperative that we always keep ample quantities of liquor handy for them.  We can't have one without the other.  Meanwhile, we "enlarged the family", adopting other kids --who, with the original offspring, now suffer from the drunk parents.

    And your plan to ameliorate the situation is to let the weaker kids who don't bear up well under the rule of the drunken parents go off and fend for themselves so the other, rather stouter kids, can get on with daily life with Mom and Dad, because, no matter what, we're gonna have parents, they're gonna be drunk, we can't take their liquor away and we can't grow up and move out.  But we can congratulate ourselves for paring down the number of offspring living at home to those who are the hardiest, the most resilient in a drunken home.

  Have I missed something?


   BTW, don't look now, but, it would appear that not everyone lives in a household run by drunk parents.  Some have sober parents--not perfect parents, but sober ones.

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by proximity1 on Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 at 09:48:27 AM EST
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