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  "Back To The Future" ---

    So, an actual question now, and apropos of F.S.'s
 How the Euro Crisis Was Resolved, never mind for a moment that the EPTB (economic powers that be) are rumored in the press to be close to (or concluded in) a "deal" by which, for a further €6 bn., Greece's society is kicked and beaten even further,

  what I'd like to ask is:

   Do you think Merkel is, by virtue of Germany's place and role, actually able to virtually dictate terms to the rest of the E.U. on the issues of relief to Greece (and, let's suppose, to others as they come into need)?

   In answering, if you please, take account of both Merkel's own political strengths or weaknesses, the Euro states which she could expect to back her, and those who, if they had sense and solidarity, could refuse to cooperate with plans that they view as Draconian.

    Which states, together, could face her down?  If there are such, why, for pity's sake (other than reasons of local political imperatives for each of the various heads of state) wouldn't, couldn't the sort of far more reasonable terms as have been described and argued for in this thread occur to the states who it seems should have every self-survival reason to join in requiring Merkel to accept their saner terms?

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by proximity1 on Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 at 04:13:12 PM EST

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