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In which case the need to support industrial activity in a trade deficit region should decline as it achieves a trade balance and thus, rightly, the supports should decline.


But that is only one role of a traditional federal administration.

The federal European level may wish to also have a policy on health care, income equality, homelessness, transportation, armaments, pensions and so on and so forth. Such policies cannot be sustainably funded out of cross-subsidies. So if you make "[t]he EU budget should be funded [exclusively] from trade imbalances," then you are implying certain things about the scope and nature of the European federal bureaucracy.

I'll reserve judgement on whether these implications are good or bad, but they are there and should be kept in mind.

All trade imbalances within the Eurozone are a bad thing and should be discouraged by differential taxation and reduced through differentiation expenditure.

Well, technically speaking it's only trade imbalances in excess of sustainable growth in the actual ability of a country to honour hard-currency obligations that's unsustainable. The system is not so fragile that it will blow up unless you go all the way to zero.

The EU should actively promote economic equality in all regions within the Eurozone

At a countries level, at least. As noted above, while a policy like this promotes intra-country income equality, it is not by itself sufficient to achieve it (nor is it the point of the policy).

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