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The problem - in Ireland's case - was that German banks were recycling their surpluses not in productive investment, but into an asset price bubble which rendered Ireland's economy still less competitive.

This dysfunctionality was exacerbated by the fact that banks, as surpluses recyclers, were predisposed to "safe" financialisation or property investments rather than "risky" productive investments, or long term infrastructural investments which might have rendered the irish economy more competitive.

Thus private banks or "markets" are ineffective rebalancers of surpluses, and what is needed is an EU directed infrastructural, regional, industrial and energy policy framework.

So yes, it is a problem of too little EU, but also a lot of the wrong sort of EU intervention - such as currently being peddled by the ECB.  The EU is not an unalloyed good which should be supported in all circumstances, it needs to be pursuing different policies in a much more effective manner.

Jerome has argued that administrative competence is a form of democratic legitimacy.  The EU has been losing legitimacy because it has been incompetent.  NOT because of the British, or there being too much English spoken in Brussels.

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