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Yesterday, Merkel met the heads of the 16 states of Germany, and gave significant concessions on two issues: simultaneous shutdowns and on-shore wind. Though, neither change is all that promising:
  • Instead of six reactor shutdowns in 2021 and three more in 2022, reportedly, there will be one each every two years from 2015 onwards, three in 2021, and again three in 2022. That's still six shutdowns in as short as 3 months.
  • A criticism I didn't mention in the diary was the focus on off-shore wind only, while another coalition working group preparing a revision of the feed-in law was advocating more roadblocks to on-shore. Now there is a vague promise to balance off-shore and on-shore development.

There was no positive change on the coal front, but nor was one expected from the regional PMs. The media seems to 'agree' that it will be more difficult for the Greens to vote against the 'consensus'.

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