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Some more details are coming out.
  • There shall be an annual review of progress, with a remit explicitly excluding a deceleration of the nuclear phaseout.
  • Off-shore wind: the plan is for 10 wind farms by 2020, and 25 GW capacity by 2030.
  • There is, after all, a specific commitment on new fossil fuel: 10 GW shall be completed by 2013, supposedly to have enough reserve capacity, and it is not specified whether another 10 GW to be added by 2020 is fossil fuel or renewable.
  • Energy efficiency: annual consumption shall drop 10% by 2020, this shall be achieved with more efficient home appliances and more building renovation.
  • The re-launch of the search for a final storage site, is also connected to a recommendation of the 'ethics commission' that it should be possible to easily evacuate the site if a problem is found. This apparetly doesn't apply to the salt mine site of the current Gorleben facility.

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The fossil fuel commitment may lead the SPD to give its approval for the plan while the Greens seem poised to oppose it – here is Jürgen Trittin's latest interview on the matter:

Jürgen Trittin zum Atomausstieg: "Für Lob gibt es keinen Grund" - taz.deJürgen Trittin on the nuclear phaseout: "There is no reason for praise" - taz.de
taz: Herr Trittin, die Koalition will 2022 aus der Atomenergie endgültig aussteigen. Müssen Sie Schwarz-Gelb loben? taz: Mr. Trittin, the coalition wants to finally get out of nuclear energy in 2022. Do you have to praise Black-Yellow [CDU/CSU+FDP]?
Jürgen Trittin: Dafür gibt es keinen Grund. Die Regierung korrigiert einen Irrtum, den der vor sieben Monaten beschlossenen Laufzeitverlängerung, mit einem weiteren Irrtum. Jürgen Trittin: There is no reason for that. The government fixes an error, that of the reactor lifespan extension adopted seven months ago, with a further error.
Sie verbindet den Ausstieg aus der Atomenergie nicht mit einem forcierten Ausbau der erneuerbaren Energien. Sie plant den zusätzlichen Bau von fossilen Kraftwerken mit einer Leistung von 10 Gigawatt. Kommt es dazu, beschert uns dies 25 Jahre lang einen massiven Konflikt zwischen erneuerbarem Strom und Kohlestrom im Netz, denn so lange werden solche Anlagen abgeschrieben. Damit bremst Schwarz-Gelb den Ausbau der Erneuerbaren aus.It doesn't connect the exit from nuclear energy with an accelerated expansion of renewable energies. It plans the additional construction of fossil fuel power plants with a capacity of 10 gigawatts. If that comes to be, it will give us a massive conflict between renewable electricity and coal power electricity in the network for 25 years, as it will take that long for the inverstment into such plants to be written off. With this, Black-Yellow brakes the expansion of renewables.

As a reminder, the government's (unchanged) target is 35% renewables in 2020. Asked about the chances of the Greens with one of their themes 'solved', he first points to the history of electoral gains even while the original nuclear phaseout was in place, and adds:

...Zweitens prophezeie ich Ihnen, wenn Schwarz-Gelb in diesem Land noch einmal genauso viele Kohlekraftwerke bauen will, wie jetzt in der Fertigstellung sind - und das ist der Plan -, kommt es an jedem Standort zu massiven Auseinandersetzungen mit den Menschen vor Ort....Second, I predict to you, if Black-Yellow wants to build the same number of coal power plants in this country as are currently in construction - and that's the plan - then there will be massive conflict with locals at each of the sites.

Then Trittin is asked about the renewed viability of Black-Green coalitions, which he answers with a sidesweep at the SPD (my emphasis):

Wir wollen die Gesellschaft ökologisch und sozial modernisieren. Mit wem wir das durchsetzen können, mit dem können wir uns vorstellen Regierungen zu bilden. Nur ich bleibe dabei: Wenn ich einen Strich unter alle inhaltlichen Vorstellungen ziehe, dann gibt es immer einer größere Schnittmenge mit der SPD als mit der CDU - obwohl sich zwischen beiden gerade eine große Kohle-Koalition andeutet.We want to modernize society ecologically and socially. We can imagine to form a government with anyone whith whom we can implement that. Only I maintain: on balance after considering all ideas on substance, then there is always a greater intersection with the SPD than with the CDU - although right now, there is an indication of a Grand Coal Coalition between the two.

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DoDo, your compendium of the situation is very well done, and your bits of comment and analysis are well-thought and right on. Kudos for this diary.

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