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From the manifesto, page 40:

Rural Development:

We also want to see an expansion of the mutual model in rural Scotland and will support the creation of rural co-operative, including local energy co-operatives to enable communities to take forward their own local renewables projects.  We will make the case for further devolution [whatever that means - AT] in this area to enable a more rapid expansion of co-operatives in rural Scotland.

Economic revitalization of rural areas depends on grabbing as much of the 'final consumer pound' as possible.  Co-operatives is a known way (see Denmark) to achieve that goal.  OK. cool.  

What's not so cool is a drive to increase tourism - not quoted.  Tourism, I can state from experience, is a lousy business to be in.  

Land Reform:

We believe it is time for a review of Scotland's land reform legislation.  For example, we believe the current period of three months for communities to take advantage of their right of first purchase is too short, and we would wish to se it extended to six months.

feh  Doesn't go near far enough.  Out of 19.46 million acres 1,700 entities own 9.something million.  On the face of it, too few owning/controlling too much.  

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