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The summary sentence below the headline from the WSJ:

Insolvency must be purged from Europe's system and it must be done openly and honestly.

Soini probably does not understand that opacity, duplicity and dishonesty are the CORE of the current economic system and that to purge insolvency "openly and honestly" would almost certainly bring down the entire edifice. The appeal of populists such as Timo Soini or Ron Paul is that they seem sufficiently determined and bloody minded to do just that. The problem is that if they are selected as the agents of this transformation, we will get some version of their regressive social views. The fate of the TBTF bankers I could live with, were it confined to them, which is unlikely, but returning women to the 19th century I could not live with. But there would be a Thermidor and a new Directorate and then, likely, Banksters 2.0.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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