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Trading money for time

Some time ago I heard a speech from a veteran of women's movement. She told the audience that the influential group she belonged to in the 70ies decided not to push for 30 hour week with 40 hour pay for parents with small children (government chipping in the cost) as it was believed that a general shortening of the work week to 30 hours was just around the corner anyway. So they pursued different changes.

My point is not that they would have got it, but that in the 70ies politically interested people believed that a general 30 hour work week was just around the corner.

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by A swedish kind of death on Mon May 9th, 2011 at 05:09:43 PM EST
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Ruari Quinn, Past Labour Leader, Minister for Finance, and now Minister for Education is famous for saying c. 1970, that "the 70's will be Socialist" and that Labour would remove the tyranny of work from people's backs by reducing work through automation, new technology, reduced working hours etc.

The irony is that people have had to work much harder ever since, now it takes two wage earners to support a family, and the hours, never mind the intensity has increased.

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