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I'm not familiar with any of the sites you cite - are the US based?  I am amazed that an opinion piece by a hitherto marginal and reviled Irish academic has resonated so much elsewhere - the Geithner reference is tangential to Morgan Kelly's main targets - Honahan, slight dim former rugby players running Irish banks, the ECB, and the Irish Government.

I suspect the Geithner reference is playing into some pre-existing anti-Geithner sentiment on the US left and also a pressure point for Irish Americans on the Obama administration.  But from an Irish perspective the main bogeymen are the Irish Government, regulator, central bank, structural flaws in the design and implementation of the Euro, ECB and German nationalism.  

The US administration, for once, is a marginal player, but one which I think could be a positive player since it is less austerity fixated and much less hidebound in its dealings with banks than Germany.

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