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Especially in the USA, but probably elsewhere as well, I see ongoing damage from the fraud based TBTF banking model with its accompanying regulatory and governmental capture. The longer the system runs the more damage it does. So I would prefer a crash NOW to entropy death later. There are so many unpayable debts out there that the best thing would be an event that would take down enough bad banks that the system could not be saved and it would have to be reconstructed. Of course it could well be reconstructed along similar lines, but, at least, there would be an opportunity for something better to emerge.

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So I would prefer a crash NOW to entropy death later.

Yes, but a country with a structural import dependence on fuel and food and a foreign primary deficit may view things in slightly different terms. Especially if they have neo-Nazis rampaging through the streets, looking to take advantage of any "national humiliation."

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