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I do not understand, and (if you have the patience) would love to read an extended version (or pointers to info).

Then again, this is maybe because I do not buy Keynesian economics (especially in the context of dwindling natural resources): "if you want to invest, save first" is my motto. Of course, saving in debt based instruments (aka money) might pose a problem (because it means somebody else is accruing debt). Then again, it is just a question of saving in a different way (e.g. collecting natural resources). But this is above my pay grade (I am not an economist - though reading some, I am glad I am not).

I have to say (If Chris is reading), I have some difficulty in understanding what he proposes. I did indeed put quite some effort in reading his stuff, but I never really did grasp it.

by cagatacos on Sun May 8th, 2011 at 06:06:56 PM EST
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