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Why do they think (most of?) the fuel still in the pressure vessel? Temperature readings:

...after the injection water amount was dropped, temperatures in some areas increased, so it is thought that the fuel is inside the RPV.

Apparently not all the fuel at the bottom of the vessel is under water (have you read this before?):

The temperature of part of the RPV (the feed water nozzles, etc.) is higher than the saturation temperature for the PRV pressure, so at the present stage it is estimated that part of the fuel is not submerged in water, but is being cooled by steam.

What is the rate of aerial loss to the environment?

The inclusion of nitrogen, which started on April 7, was measured to increase the pressure by approx. 0.05 MPa, so at that stage it was estimated that the leakage rate from the D/W was approx. 4%/h.

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