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Cesium 137 has a 30 yr half life. During that time the 30% not removed from the "seawater" that is returned to the ocean will travel to every part of the world ocean. It will still have many half lives to go before it is rendered harmless. Keep in mind that this is seawater that has been injected into cores that have experience meltdowns and has subsequently leaked into other parts of the reactor-turbine facility. It is not slightly contaminated. It is severely contaminated. A 70% reduction is not adequate, IMO. It is (just) better than doing nothing. And how many days can the filter operate before the two tons of zeolite have to be replaced?

Four months to come up with this. How hard would it have been and how expensive to build eight of these? The (cosmetic) beat goes on.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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