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At this stage of the renewable energy game, there cannot be a windpark bubble. Though if conditions are "too good" (which won't ever happen), you might get some fringe technology installed, or less than ideal windpark siting.

At higher incursion levels of course one must be more careful, but we're a long way from such high penetration of the grid. But at such higher levels, it's also likely the grid has evolved as well.

the key point for this diary is that the proposed interconnection is originally part of the Europe-wide supergrid idea first proposed by an Irishman years ago. so the proposal is actually playing catch-up to a plan long since adopted by the industry as necessary.

which i suppose is a really good event.

for those who wish to discover more about the European Supergrid, google Eddie O'Conner/Airtricity. (He's now the leader of Mainstream, which has won some Round Three offshore windparks.)

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by Crazy Horse on Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 at 03:30:46 PM EST
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